Wednesday, July 12, 2017


419 scams

Dear Beneficiary, Concerning the shipment of your consignment of Trunk Boxes which will take effect within the next 72hours immediately the delivery is schedule for the rightful owner.Note that said consignment of two Trunk Boxes is worth of $4million in each Boxes has inspected and approved by United States Internal Revenue for delivery to your destination and I wish to let you know that such consignments are not what you ship through FEDEX, UPS, DHL etc. Because the consignment was originally abandoned by the diplomat because it was wrongfully declared like I explained to you in my previous email. The consignments were declared as personal effects and classified documents while in actual fact contain raw cash. US currency notes in $100USD denominations carefully packed and stashed in two trunk boxes. Approximately, 4MillionUSD in each box. The electronic scanner revealed it when the package was scanned in the airport. I also contacted management and I was inform that only what is needed from recipient' is clearance and Yellow Tag Certificates, this will be use for clearance and shipment to your doorstep with help of Diplomat direct to you within 72hours upon the cost to avoid any delay or hindrance, this consignment should have been repatriated Back if not my effort and Director in Airport whose dim feet to make sure it declare to deliver to the owner.for further details e-mail: ( ) I wait to hear from you Very urgent. Sincerely, for Victor Morrison.