Friday, July 21, 2017


419 scams

Money Gram Remittance office
 #106 Ude Avenue Cotonou
 Benin Republic West Africa.
 Phone: +229 98564611.

 Dear Esteemed Customer!!

 My name is Mr.Donald Johnson Director Money Gram financial Service Republic of Benin West Africa.

 I wish to notify you about your pending transfer from this office. We received your compensation award payment on 5th of January 2017 from the Federal Ministry of Finance Benin to pay you as a result of the scam compensation for all your past effort at past trying to receive your funds.

 The awarded sum is $5 millions only which we were instructed to be sending to you at the daily amount of $6,000 until the total sum is completely transferred to you. I was admitted to Hospital since January 5th 2017 due to my eye problem and just resume work today. Please accept my delay apology.

 Your daily transfer will begin and you are required to reconfirm the following information to us today.

 Kindly fill the following information to avoid wrong transfer.

 (1) Full name
 (2) Mobile Number
 (3) Direct telephone number
 (4) Country of origin
 (5) Address
 (6) Occupation
 (7) City
 (Cool Age/ sex

 Mr.Donald Johnson
 Director Money Gram
 Financial Service Republic
 Phone: +229 98564611