Friday, July 14, 2017


419 scams
From The Desk Of
Mr. Tom Tida
Legal Department
Central Bank of Nigeria

Dear Fund Beneficiary.

How are you doing today? I have been working so hard to assist you in getting your long outstanding payment with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) paid to you. I have been following your payment file movement all these while as a junior worker and is aware of all the numerous payments that you have made in the past to get your legal money paid into your bank account.

There has been plans to divert your payment in the past too which you can attest to but due to some misunderstanding among the collaborators in the sharing mode of their loot which is your legal funds they abandon the processing at the very final stage.

As a result of that, You incurred a huge debt of US$35,000.00 been payment of 2017 Capital Gain Tax and Environmental Protection fees. The Good news is that there is an agreement and arrangement with an international investor who will provide you with the whole US$35,000.00 to pay up the charges and have your full legal funds transferred into your account.

There are certain conditions which you must agree to and that is:

(1) That You MUST use the loan for the purpose in which it is granted
(2) That You Must pay back the loan with 10% interest upon you getting your full money into your account.
(3) That You MUST get a surety
(4) That You Must send the loan back to your surety so that HE/SHE will use it to pay the charges.

I have agreed to stand as a surety and if you agree to the other terms and conditions please do get back to me with the following

Your Full Names:
Address with zip code:
Mobile telephone Number:
Banking Details:

I am expecting your email response with the above details so that we can move on and have this transaction concluded in a short time.

Best Regards

Tom Tida
Legal Department
Central Bank Of Nigeria