Saturday, July 15, 2017


419 scams

I am Annemiek van Melick the (Chief Financial Officer)
in the SNS Bank Rotterdam area but am now based in United Kingdom
after my retirement. I have a proposal to discuss with you
and it is about a certain bonded account in SNS bank which
shares the same last name with yours, please contact me
through my email if you are interested to know more.
It will be beneficial to all parties concerned.
Mrs.Annemiek van Melick

Lotto scams


You have been nominated and selected in *GOLD CLASS* category
for the Eliberto Cantu Donation and Grant Scheme. Sponsored
by Eliberto Cantu of Texas, USA. Winner of $177 million
dollars. Read Post:

He is donating $5 million dollars to be share to recipients
in your area of expertise as a memorial for his late son.

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For questions call: (951) 289-5533 or send us an email.

Fast Grant.