Sunday, March 26, 2017


419 scams

I am the Prime Minister of Benin Republic. With reference to my effort
to reach you via telephone call, I delighted to inform you that I am
the last signatory to your UNRESOLVED fund. This fund supposes to be
in your position long ago but you did not follow the normal process by
obtaining the TC1 FORM from this office.

Consequently with out the presidential endorsement from the president
of this country Dr.Patrice Talon no body will release your fund to
you, that is the problem you have been having with all the people you
are following.

Your payment file has been APPROVED authoritatively and the comment
status here stated that you are a good person and supposed to receive
your payment long ago but know one told you the truth or the normal
step to follow to receive your payment.

Now declare how you will like to receive your fund and arrange on how
to obtain TC1-Form from the office of the presidency.
This TC1-Form is to enable the president of Benin Republic Dr.Patrice
Talon endorse your payment file and your payment will be paid with
immediate effect via any means of your choice.

Reconfirm your full details to me immediately to enable us proceeds
with your payment file meanwhile you are advice to stop any
communication from whose ever is contacting you about your fund. Any
email you received should be forward to me for proper investigation.


His Excellency, Lionel Zinsou
Prime Minister Benin Republic