Thursday, August 4, 2016


419 scams

My name is Mrs.Pamela Rayong writing to you from hospital, therefore this
message is very urgent. I have a donation to make which I will need your
assistance to carry it out for me in your country, I'm a widow.

I inherited the sum of USD $6.5 Million, from my late husband, I want to
give it out to Orphanages homes and Charity Organizations as a vow which I
made before God.

I have a serious lung and breast cancer and will be going for surgical
operation next weeks, though the doctors already confirmed that I will
only last for some months but I am happy and glad that God has kept me
safe and guided me to accomplish my heart desires here on earth, I will be
happy to meet Him where He wants me to be.

As soon as I hear from you, my house helper will send the documents of the
fund to you and he will direct you to a lawyer who will help you to make a
change of ownership of the fund in order for the bank to transfer the
money to you.

This is the favor I need from you when you received the money under your

(1) I want you to give 10% of the money to Paul, he is my house helper and
I promised to support him until he finishes his education, he is a little
boy and Orphan so guide him to manage his share of the money.

(2) Give 60% of the money to Charity Organizations, Orphanage homes and
religious activities on my name so that my vow and promise to God will be

(3) The remaining 30% should be for you and others that you may wish to

I pray that God will give you a good heart to assist me for the benefit of
suffering children and use you to accomplish my heart desire.

Pray for me always. Waiting your positive response
Mrs.Pamela Rayong