Saturday, August 6, 2016


419 scams

hello, i got your contact online for investment opportunity, i deal on gold and i think you can invest on it as it has high profit margin and very lucrative.

 i am a seller who sell gold at impex refinery in tesano, aa minerals, bar purity, pmmc. ear logistics, geological survey refinery at $26,000 per kg.

 gold trade is a very good and lucrative investment for those that knows the methodology of high income in gold trade.

 we sell at the gold dory bar at $26,000 per kg which is about 15% minus lmba world price because we are local miners making us to be whole sellers and we sell to retailers that resell to the end users. 1kg of gold dory bars cost $26,000 per kg and after shipping and assay in which the 1kg becomes $28,000 per kg because of the expense of shipping and assay being $2,000 per kg seller sells 1kg at the international price of $38,000 or $40,000 giving a profit of $10,000 or $12,000 per kg. if you use it to produce products like jewelry, chain, belt, ring and other related gold products. you will sell 1kg for $60,000 you will have a profit of $38,000 or $40,000 per kg. so that is a simple lucreativity of the trade. only those that knows it knows it and don't want to share with anybody.

 immediately after assay in the refinery buyer and seller proceed to the bank for payment or payment is made by tt while buyer and seller representative stays with the gold in the refinery under lock and key and after payment confirmed by seller , change of name is made immediately to buyer name and buyer proceed by taking the merchandise along with him or her to their destination.

 so buyer will have to come down to ghana or send a representative for the sales transaction. we only solicit for buyer on the internet but the transaction itself is done in the presence of buyer and seller because the sales transaction
 is of high monetary value so it has to be done in the presence of buyer and seller. buyerand seller must be present at the transaction because buyer must follow the sales process from local smelting of the gold dust to gold bar and assaying of the gold bar in the refinery to determine the purity of the gold

 which must be 96% +, carat to be 22+ or 24+ and for the assay report to be issued to get the necessary documents to accompany the gold to buyers destination. documents to be issued includes :export license, certificate of origin of gold which has the common wealth endorsement , tax clearance and insurance. all this documents will be arranged by seller after assay

 if you are interested in the trade reply me then we continue with the long term business relationship. you have to come down to ghana or send a representative to come for the transaction.anticipating your response

 kind regards