Tuesday, January 26, 2016


419 scams

Dear Friend,

My Name is Mr. Zakir Hossain, I am from Burkina Faso, a Burkina be by
nationality, in West Africa, working with Bank of Africa, I am the
Audit and Accounts director in the foreign remittance department of
the bank, B.O.A, I am married. My address, Plot 24 Rue 6, Ouagadim
2000, in Ouagadougou. My phone number is +226 67207548. Do inform me
of any other information you shall like to know concerning my person
actually I got your impressive email through the search I made when I
was looking for a reliable person that can assist me in this

Anyway, I am very happy about your quick response. I contacted you
and what do I want you to, if this endeavor does not require a
foreigner, I don't think I need a second Party. I can single handily
do it alone. I know that you might be wondering why I have decided to
trust you with this huge sum but the truth is that I need you to pull
Out this money before our corrupt government will confiscate it and
use it for their selfish interest. I know also that you will be amazed
at the level of trust that I am willing to place in a person that I
have never seen nor spoken.

However, I need your assistance as foreign to join me and pull this
fund from this bank where I'm working because it has been a long and
nobody came up for the claim, so I want your acceptance to assistance
me in this transaction. Now, I am assuring you that this endeavour is
100% safe as long as you will maintain the absolute confidentiality it
requires and follow my instructions technically as I am still serving
in the bank and would not like anything that would jeopardize my
devoted years of service with the bank. Based on this ,(I WANT TO
contrary, upon your full acceptance and devotion in assisting me
conclude this transaction, I swear and promise to do all in my power
and reach to make sure we conclude this transaction very smoothly and
the fund gets transfer into your account in your country. Please Take
Note, and keep it secret in your mind because I am still working in
this bank now.

I look upon this fortunate opportunity as a divine intervention from
Almighty to lift me up and change my life condition after so many
years of long sufferings with my family as the corrupt government
fails to take care of her responsibilities. Really, this is a
financial blessing from Almighty.

However, it is important you send me your Mobile telephone number?
Upon the receipt of your reply, I shall then send to you the TEXT of
Application that you will fill in your bank information for the claim
of the fund as the real next of kin to late deceased customer and I
will use my position to see for its approval for immediate payment
into your nominated receiving bank account. Everything will be done
step by step, ok. It is my wish to establish a long lasting
relationship with you and your family,

I need the following information from you. Your resident/House Address
your occupation
your direct telephone number and fax number.
You=E2=80=99re Marital Status
Your picture or a copy of your id.

Extend my regards to your dear family.
Great day as I wait for your prompt reply.

Very Best Regards
Mr. Zakir Hossain