Tuesday, January 19, 2016


419 scams

Dear Customer

Am in the receiver of your message, you said that you did not receive the document that i sent to you, now am sending it again i do not know if you are aware that your payment was originated from Africa in Nigeria and that is where all the approval document was issued so please view them, why we are contacting you in this process is because the payment cod on your payment is the same code that the C B N Central Bank Of Nigeria has instructed us to pay to Dr Von , so if we should make this payment to him means you do not have any payment to receive again .

I will advise you to contest and write an official letter to us saying that you did no instruct Dr Von to receive any money on your behalf if you have any document that you have secured regarding this payment please forward them to us or i will advise you to contact Barrister Robert James, he is a legal adviser to the united nations on international payment in Africa table your matter to him he will advise you on what to do these his email address barristerrobertjames@gmail.com this his direct telephone number : +2348101852002, just table all your matters to him he will help you and what ever he tells you keep us informed.

We look forward to hear from you.

Thank You.so much

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10th Floor Jersey City, NJ 07310,
FAX NUMBER: +15095611225
Sender : Mr. Mark Pittsey