Monday, January 18, 2016


419 scams

Following a unanimous approval and agreement between all banks, financial institutions and the Governments of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, African Union Governments, Swiss Government, Asian Heads of Government and the European Union for the release of all funds not paid, We wish to inform you that fund listed in your name is among these numerous list of unpaid funds and it is ready for payment to you upon confirmation of your details. These funds have been trapped in many banks and financial institutions for years and decades and in most cases, the original depositors or owners of these funds are late or deceased. We are now releasing all these trapped and unpaid funds to the named and listed representatives, next of kin or heir to the funds as found on the documents.

These funds amounts to Multi Billions of US Dollars stashed in banks and most of them even forgotten. All these funds shall be paid to the respective beneficiaries before the 31st of December, 2015. These funds includes but not limited to; Contract Funds, Inheritance Funds, Investment Funds, Lotto/Lottery Funds, Deposit Funds etc.
Our Office through our Bank has been authorized to handle the confirmation and payment release of all these funds after due confirmation of the beneficiary details. You are required to contact us ASAP to enable our Bank confirm your details and release the payment to you at no cost to you as the beneficiary entitled to the fund. Most of these beneficiaries have been processing to receive these funds but due to wrong, not official and unauthorized methods used by them, they are yet to receive these funds. Our Office have been created to resolve all these hitches and release the funds to the respective beneficiaries at no cost to the beneficiary once beneficiary details are confirmed.

Send your following details for confirmation and release of your fund;
1. Your Full Names
2. Contact Address
3. Phone numbers (Cell/Mobile Phone also required)
4. Occupation
5. Age
Upon receiving your reply, your details shall be verified/confirmed and your fund shall be sent to you within 24-48 hours maximum period after the confirmation of your details.

Note all payments are to be released before 31 December, 2015.
Your swift response is required.
M. A Zaesle
Chief Financial Officer