Tuesday, November 17, 2015


419 scams


 My name is Ugo Verni and I have an urgent donation information for you which will benefit you and your entire family, refugee, with the less
 privileged in your local community.

 Respond back to this email immediately so as to enable me provide you with the complete information regarding this

 You can verify this by visiting the web pages


 Your email address was luckily selected using a balotting system and you received
 this email because we accepted you as a lucky beneficiary.

 Kindly contact
 Avv. Fred Ezio (Zenit Chambers) with Code: NYMJ6814 and also fill the
 below information and return via email so that he can process your funds


 1) Your Full Names:
 2)Resident Address:

 Good luck,

 Ugo Verni.