Friday, November 20, 2015


Loan scams

Gold Reef City office Park
34 Data Crescent, Or monde Ext. 8
2091 Johannesburg South Africa.
Tel: +27 625 283 706 Fax: 0864609897
Dear Customer,
Amazon Loan is providing loans to interested investors, companies, and individuals for Debt
Consolidation, Buying, Building, Business Improving, Refinancing Commercial Property and
Personal Loan.
We offer;
* Fixed interest rates of 2.5% Personal Loan.
* Fixed terms from 1 - 20years.
* Amount Ranging from R10,000.00 - R5,000.000.00.
Interested investors/individual should indicate their interest by providing us with his/her;
* Full Names:
* Contact Address:
* Occupation:
* Sex:
* Phone Numbers:
* ID Number:
* Amount Needed:
* Loan Duration:
* Monthly Income:
* Email Address:
* Nationality:
And also, fill in the Loan Application Form and send back to us along side with a photocopy of
your ID, Pay slip or 1month Bank Statement for verification of your loan approval, as we look
forwards to doing business with you in good faith.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Claudia Marks
Loan Consultant.