Sunday, November 29, 2015


419 scams

Attn: Beneficiary,

How are you and your family?

I pray that this mail gets to you in a good state of mind.

Sequel to our mandatory delivery scheduled, my name is Diplomat Gabriel Duke the (SENIOR DELIVERY AGENT) whom was assigned to complete your delivery to your designated Home address . Nevertheless, itŠ’’s my great pleasure at this juncture to also inform you here that I was been able to successfully tagged my diplomatic immunity directly to your trunk box here ON TRANSIT and now ready to be dispatch directly to your address as re-scheduled to avoid custom full inspection, therefore it is necessary and required that we have the high commission to secure a non- inspection clearance certificate and yellow clearance papers day B.

In lieu to your delivery re-schedule, I am also delighted here to inform you that your trunk has been cleared successfully and ready to be dispatch directly to your address and the delivery scheduled and safe keeping has been calisthenics, therefore, your trunk box will be lifted for the final delivery witting the next six hours as soon as we have secured the required clearance certificate. And I have been here at the airport transit for some hours now trying to reach you so that we can secure the needed non-inspection clearance certificate that will enable me proceeds directly to your city for the final delivery without further interference-inspection. Nevertheless, I have in addition negotiated with the issuance agent to ensure that we obtain the necessary Non-Inspection Clearance Certificate to enable me proceeded to your address for the final delivery immediately.

Note, the diplomatic Non inspection tag costs (DNIC) = $980. 00, Diplomat Immunity Clearance (DIC) = $368, 00 Total = $1,348, 00 only and your expected to comply immediately to avoid confiscation of the trunk. And you should also note that I have tried calling you several times from here without any response for the required $1,348, 00 only One Thousand Three Hundred and Forty Eight United State Dollars Only required to enable us secured the necessary non-inspection clearance certificate from the clearance unit. Therefore you are expecting to make the payment within the next few hours directly to the issuance unit so they can collect the funds and finish everything quickly to enable me finish on time and to your address as planned.

Finally, be rest assured that your truck will be delivered at your door step as soon as we have secured the required clearances in accordance with the Delivery code of conduct- process as required by the law. Therefore, it is very important that you comply as you will be directed to enable me complete the necessary clearances obligations and complete your delivery as re-scheduled without further hitches or delays. For the purpose of the statutory payment, you are hereby advice to call me back for the payment information. Meanwhile here is the number I secured through the help of an attorney where you can reach me here: 608-739-4940 or email me at, for further clarification. Waiting for your confirmation to enable us settle the clearance obligation delaying your shipment for a successfully delivery to your address.

Please note as well that I have exhausted all the money with me here, therefore you should try and get back to me as soon as possible and you should also try to stay at home because I was strictly instructed to deliver the Consignment to you on presentation of your ID For security reason,.

Once again congratulation.
Diplomat Gabriel Duke,
Delivery agent.