Tuesday, November 3, 2015


419 scams

Office of the Inspector General of Police
Federal Secretariat Complex,
Abuja (F.C.T) Nigeria.
Date: Wed. 30th Sep, 2015

Attn: Sir,

This is to inform you that we (The Nigerian Police Force) have been
notified by the International Network Monitoring Unit (I.N.M.U) that a few
number of you in the list, were cheated in the process of your overdue
Contract/Inheritance fund payment.

However, president Buhari's administration is doing everything with the
help of the Nigerian Police Force (N.P.F) and other security agencies
to reinstall
morals and integrity in the country once again.

Furthermore, Mr President and his Federal Executive Council (F.E.C) after
the United Nations Convention against Corruption in Nigeria, re-approved
the payment of your due fund. Consequently, he mandated the Nigerian Police
Force to oversee the payment and ensure you are not extorted as reported by
the INMU. Hence, you are advised to suspend every communications with any
person or group of persons as regards this fund payment, till further

Finally, Just to be sure who is responding to the claim of this fund
payment, we need you to provide us a few information as requested; (a) What
is the principal amount of your value fund? (b) What is the inception date
of your fund? (c) What is the source and purpose of the fund? (d) Reconfirm
your payment file Reference No. (e) Also reconfirm your present and
previous home address and Tel/cell numbers respectively.

We will appreciate your efforts to provide all the above mentioned
requirements to verify and process your fund. Call me as soon as you
receive this email or reply to proceed with your payment.

Solomon Arase.
Inspector General, Nigerian Police Force (N.P.F)