Tuesday, November 18, 2014


419 scams

Good day to you!

I hope everything is ok with you? It has been brought to our notice that you have been unable and trying to receive your over due payment fund in Nigeria for years now and we the office of International commission crime (ICC) have decided to intervene on your behalf on this transaction to allow you receive your payment funds and also we have spoken with our other foreign counterpart on this issue and they have promise to assist and look into this matter and this is to let you know that we are not happy with Nigerian government officials and what is going on in other African countries for lying and scamming our foreign beneficiaries of they monies and this have to stop.

We are tried of all this sort of scam going on in Nigeria and other Africa's countries over the years now and how they are demanding and scamming money from innocent people like you,But after a brief meeting today with the other foreign commission crime counterpart, so we come in conclusion that we will be in charge of your payment henceforth based on our brief meeting today.

Now listen very careful, We the management of International commission crime (ICC) will issue you a copy of NON RESIDENT CERTIFICATE with it you will be able to receive your long awaited payment funds without any further delay again and there is no course for alarm because this is the best way for you to receive your fund without any hitch and due to the numerous scam activities on the internet and in Nigeria particular.

We will assist in making sure that your funds get to you and it will cost you only $65 to make a copy of the NON RESIDENT CERTIFICATE on your name and your fund will release and send to you immediately, so you are now advice to send the fee to the below info, and get back to us with the payment details after you make the payment for us to start processing the NON RESIDENT CERTIFICATE on your name.


In acceptance to the above notice, kindly send to me your banking details with your address and the limit of your account.


Mr. Mario Harvey
Director,International commission crime (ICC)
Email: internationalcommissioncrime@gmail.com