Sunday, November 2, 2014


419 scams

Office of the Permanent Representatives to the United Nations,
Internal Audit, Monitoring, Consulting and Investigations Division,
From: Sir Mark Lyall Grant, Kathy Calvin & Mr. Kurt W. Bock.

This is to officially into you that sequel to our Investigation 2014,
we have realized that you are among the defrauded victims, and this is
the reason why we have contacted you, in order to make you happy again
and forever.

The United Nations Board of Director held a meeting, in order to make
sure that fund beneficiaries like you get their funds because the rate
at which fund beneficiaries are being treated in this country is not
good, some of them has lost everything they have, rendered homeless and
some declared bankrupt because of their difficulty in claiming their

United Nations Organization went through your payment file, and we
realized that you have not claimed your fund due to circumstances, and
for this reason, this office has approved the sum of $10,500,000.00USD
on your behalf as your compensation fund, and we have delegated and
nominated our trusted and reliable office, Dr. Stephen Hester to take
proper action to ensure that your fund is successfully released and
remitted to you through ATM VISA CARD, OR Wire Transfer into your bank

Hence, you do not have to delay in contacting Dr. Stephen Hester with
your full details, to enable swift communication, so that he will take
immediately action as he has been instructed by our office, to ensure
that your fund is quickly released and transferred to you. Contact
details of Dr. Stephen Hester are below:

Dr. Stephen Hester.

Kindly provide him with your full details without any delay, so that he
will quickly verify and release your fund to you without any further

Ensure you provide your details, to enable quick communication and
release of your fund to you.

Best wishes,
United Nations Board of Directors,
Sir Mark Lyall Grant,
Kathy Calvin &
Mr. Kurt W. Bock.