Monday, November 10, 2014


419 scams






I write to inform you the following because the United Nations through the approval of United Nation Secretary-General in the person of Mr. Ban Ki-moon.

Read Carefully the letter bellow.

I am Mr. Samuel di Piazza, the Chairman, Committee On Debt Reconciliation and Evaluation United Nation. After the meeting we held with other members of the Executive Arm of the United Nation, we decided in one accord to pay all Scammed victims back their compensation funds through this office as one of those that have been Scammed through African countries mainly from Nigeria.

We have also investigated and found out that a great deal of injustice has been shown to foreign contractors and Inheritors who have spent their time and money to conclude the transfer processes with different commercial banks in African countries mainly from Nigeria.

However, the United Nation in conjunction with all Central Bank governors in Africa have decided also to clear all debt owned to genuine contractors and Inheritors. In fact, after our careful verification, we discovered that your Contract/Inheritance file is among other fifteen (15) files confirmed to be genuinely okay and all these Inheritance/contract files are ready now on my table already Approved for immediate payment of your fund ($15,900,000.00) Fifteen Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars.

If you ask me, I must be very honest with you here. Pursuing this payment via bank to bank transfer from London to your bank is practically impossible because of high level of corruption HERE, from one problem to the other and endless demands of upfront fees.

The good news here is that, I have concluded arrangement to Airlift the Fund in 2 Trunk Boxes and One Brief Case to the USA, EUROPE and ASIA via the TCC Cargos with the help of a Diplomat.

All you will need to do is to arrange and meet with the courie company agent as soon as the consignment arrived in USA, EUROPE or ASIA and resolve this matter once and for all without sending any dim to anyone or anywhere. Let me stop here till I hear from you for the details in full. kindly confirm the receipt of this e-mail by responding to this office immediately with all your information such as your full name, contact address, Age, Occupation, telephone and fax number to enable us direct you to our agent.

Best Regards,

Mr. Samuel di Piazza.

Chairman United Nations Committee On Debt Reconciliation & Evaluation 2014.