Thursday, October 31, 2013


419 scams

Hi Dear One,

Sorry for sending you this mail about my life history. My name is Miss. Zuna Ibrahim only survived daughter to late Chief and Mrs. Ibrahim Monga from Sierra Leone, one of the potential Elite in my community who among the listed name by the rebel group during the country crises that lead many souls in the country to death.

After they are assassinated with two of my brothers to death I happen to leave the country at all cost to nearby country of Guinea where I took my refuge as of then and return after some period the crises ended and continue my Education through support of Caritas organization. recently our family lawyer returned back from Ivory Coast where he took his entire family along for refuge during the crises, He called me and present a document belonging to my late father concerning his deposit funds in a company in Ghana that remains unclaimed till now and advised that I should go after the claim in Ghana for my future survival.

Now I am in Ghana for inquiry of the existence of the funds in the company which is confirmed by the company the existence in their custody, now my aim of contacting is to seek your advice and assistance of moving the funds for foreign investment because I don't want to settle in Ghana neither my country bloodshed nation and unsettled destination. Hearing from you will enable me give you more details of the funds and seek your advice on how you wish the funds to move to your country because I have not been in such transaction for the first time. 30% percent of the total will be offer to you for your contribution and effort.

Best Regards.
Miss. Zuna Ibrahim.