Thursday, October 10, 2013


419 scams

Greetings, I suspect that this email will be a surprise to you, but it is
true. During our last annual inspections/check routines of all various bank
accounts in my bank(Standard Bank of Namibia) where I work, an account was
found which has been dormant, with an enormous sum of $ 14,300.00 (fourteen
million three hundred thousand U.S. dollars) which was deposited by one late
Mr. Christian Eich, he was a customer in our bank

I and my colleagues are looking for a trusted and honest partner that will
help us receive this funds.
be sure this transaction is risk free
You can read more about Late Mr. Christian Eich on the below link

> From our investigation we found out that the late Mr Christian Eich has
> no
beneficiary or next of kin to claim these Funds (US$ 14,300,000.00).
We dont mind to share on the ratio of 30 70, you will take 30% of the total
sum, while the remaining 70% is for me and my colleagues.
If your are interested in our proposal send an email to me so i can reply
your mail with more details concerning this transaction.

If you accept our offer and to work with us, I will be delighted to
familiarize you with the details and make arrange for our meeting in Europe.

you have to treat this transaction very confidential

Best Regards,
Wilfred Ntuba