Tuesday, November 12, 2019


419 scams

Mr. David Yau,
Audit/Credit Control Manager,
China Citic Bank,
Address: 106, Hungfu Road,Nancheng District,Dong Guan-China.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sequel to the meetings held today by the Board of Directors of my bank(China Citic
Bank), I will like you to know that there is a $5,500,000.00 USd floating in our
bank vault which I will like you to work with me so you can claim this fund as the
next of kin to the depositor of the fund. Actually the depositor is Dr. Kenneth R.
Mellin who worked with an oil company in Hong Kong. He deposited the fund on behalf
of his business partner, but unfortunately, Dr. Kenneth R. Mellin died on a plane
crash for the past six years now.

Nobody has come for the fund as the beneficiary. If by the ending of October 2019
nobody come for the claim. the fund will be returned back to treasury as an
unclaimed deposit, so I will need you to act fast in making claims of this fund.

I am Mr. David Yau, the head of Audit/Credit Control Department of China Citic
bank, I want you to understand that there is no risk in this, so you need not to
fear anything, if there is any risk, I will not get myself involved in as far as I
am still working with the bank. I will wait for your response and I will give you
details on how the fund will be paid to your nominated bank account and how much you
will get when the fund gets into your account.

Best Regards,

Mr. David Yau