Tuesday, June 26, 2018


419 scams

Hello my dear, how are you today hope you are fine?

I write to inform you that we have already sent you $8,200.00. United
State Dollars through Western union as we have been given the mandate
to transfer your full compensation payment the total sum of
$50,500,000.00 (FIFTY Million and Five Hundred Thousand United State
Dollars) via western union by this Government,

I was been trying to send you an E-mail since yesterday for the
Western Union payment Details but the message keep returning back I
don't know it really know why, therefore I try to re-send the e-mail
to you again today with all the Western Union payment information for
you to pick up the money from any outlet Western Union around you,
such as MTCN and Sender Name so that you will pick up this $8,200.00.
United State Dollars to enable us send another $8,200.00. Tomorrow as
you know we will be sending you only$8,200.00 United State Dollars per

Please copy all this information and run to any nearest Western Union
to pick up the $8,200.00. And call me back to send you another payment
tomorrow, my direct phone line is +22969461242 Manager: MR MICHEL SPANN
call or E-mail Him(Info.westernunion.office@protonmail.com) once you picked up
this $8,200.00. United State Dollars today,

Here is the Western Union information to pick up the $8,200.00. United
State Dollars

MTCN: ___________#98566866xx

Sender Name: ______ Tony Morba

Text Question:___________trust


Amount: ______________________ $8,200.00. United State Dollars

I am waiting for your call once you pick up this $8,200.00. Please
E-mail me your direct telephone number because I need to be calling
you once we send any payment for the information. Note we really need
your current direct phone so that once we make any payment we shall
call you for the MTCN,

Yours in Service
Mr. Muzaffar Khan