Tuesday, June 12, 2018


419 scams

From the Desk of:
Mrs. Steinberg Ross

Dear Sir / Madam,

We write to inform you that your United Nations Compensation payment valued US $5,000,000.00 (Five million United States Dollars) only is been processed and will be scheduled for release upon your prompt response to this letter. It is also important you note that from our record, you have been in contact with some unauthorized officials and some abnormalities have been observed in your file, which has to be corrected. Also, you are to confirm you’re personal information to the accredited payment officer, for verifying and authenticity of the formal information for onward rectification.

Here are the information’s to confirm below;

Name: . . .
Home address: . . .
Phone Number: …
Sex (gender) and age: . . .

The United Nations, United States of America Payment Clearing Centre has been instructed to use the approved Foreign Exchange Allocation Order (FEAO) to clear all outstanding payment with immediate effect with our bankers in New York City, United States of America.

You are hereby advice to contact the payment officer for final reconciliation and release of your payment.

Contact Person: Mr. Herman Bull
Bank Name: Federal Reserve Bank of New York City, USA

You will either receive your funds through Swift Transfer or Certified International Banker Draft. This subject you can discuss with the officer in charge by quoting the following reference to him (UN-FM- GBXXX- 33NO22/018). To this end, we urge you to establish contact with Mr. Herman Bull to make necessary arrangements for the payment of the funds to you, should you need any further clarification or assistance, do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Yours Faithfully,
Information Officer
Mrs.Steinberg Ross