Wednesday, April 4, 2018


419 scams

Dear Sir,

The cash payment option in Houston, Texas works this way:

The delivery is through a security diplomatic arrangement, where high level diplomatic personnel will convey the consignment of cash dollar bills (defaced usually for security reasons, but will be cleaned up by the same personnel conveying it because they are experts in the field).IT REALLY WORKS! You will see it by yourself. Barbara can also see if you wish.


It is a top level diplomatic cash delivery arrangement handled between the government office in charge here, in collaboration with our own government diplomatic arrangement and the Embassy in Washington. The diplomats will leave with the consignment of "defaced" cash inside a box, which shall be encoded and locked with keys.The codes will be provided to you directly while the dispatchers will hold the key, but they do not have the codes. It is ONLY YOU, the beneficiary that will get the codes to open the box. They will first arrive at the Embassy in Washington verify the clearance documents they have for the funds. Then they will proceed to Houston airport. They will call your telephone upon arrival in Houston and then you exchange information with them with regards to your location. Mind you, they will not disclose the hotel they will be staying in because they will not know that information until they arrive. They are not the ones making those arrangements themselves. They are being made by proxy for security and diplomatic reasons. You will tell them your location in Houston first. After they settle down, they will now communicate you on meeting arrangements.

When you meet with the diplomats in Houston, you pay them the fees required which is a reimbursement of the custom clearance fees they paid at the airports and they hand over your cash consignment to you and help you with the logistics required for opening the box, cleaning the dollar bills, and possible lodgement of funds into your preferred bank account, since they will secure all clearance from the embassy in Washington upon their arrival in the United States. You will go to Houston with the cash hand out.


1. Cash hand out to the diplomats of 6,500 (You will speak with me once you are with them so that I can confirm to you to hand over the cash to them)

Now, this is very secure and more direct. There are absolutely no risks involved because it is handled at the highest diplomatic level of government. We would have succeeded in rescuing the funds from being stolen at the least cost.

We can secure the enlistment by Tuesday if you confirm to me that you have put together the cash hand over ($6,500). Then get the date for you to travel to Houston when the security cash consignment will arrive.

It may not exceed one week from today and the time we start the process before the cash consignment will arrive to you in Houston. Just prepare yourself to travel to Houston on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Thank you.

Your friend always,
Carl smith