Sunday, April 1, 2018


419 scams

Hello Friend,

Accept my compliments,

My name is Mariana Kimberly Jill, a US Army and a medical doctor that take care of the soldiers serving presently in the Middle East. I have been longing to spend my retirement which is close in your country due to it's wonderful scenario.

At the end of my service years draws closer day by day like i told you before,i am contacting you for a possible partnership in both real estate and other lucrative investment you may suggest in your country.

Having worked throughout my military career as a medical expert which is very sensitive and financially lucrative too, there are every tendency that while living in United States, every of my day to day activities, including investments will be closely monitored. I don't want to be indicted for any reason. Therefore, I would like to start making early preparations for my retirement which made my choice of investing in your country ideal.

I have approximately USD 4 million i would like to invest in your country and this like i did mention, was made following medical service i and some of my colleagues as close group rendered to Government Ministeries in the middle east.

This is an investment proposal and i need somebody with vast knowledge in business that would manage and invest the fund in a profit oriented vesnture pending my retirement. All legitimate protocols necessary to transfer the funds legally to you is on ground. Get back to me if you are interested and trust worthy and i will give you more details.

Your Sincerely
Dr. Mariana Kim