Thursday, April 12, 2018


419 scams

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings to you

My name is Mrs. Landon Z. Ava, wife to the late Gerald Cart from America, I am old i
have no family no kids, I lost my husband and my only child in a motor accident five
years ago it's so sad for me right now, I am very ill with cancer, doctors says I
have short time to live, I have decided to give my wealth to an honest person that
can use it to glorify the name of the lord. After I received instruction from my God
to use this Fund to do GODS work and to give to charity, I prayed to God for
direction and he has been directing me. I told God that I want a ministry, or an
honest person who will spend the fund for things that will glorify His name. This
revelation came after my conversion from sinner to a Born Again Christian.

I received Christ and I found out that a sinner has no place in the kingdom of God.
I never had rest of mind, I seek God for forgiveness and he revealed to me that I
will only have rest of mind if I serve him with all my wealth and he will bless me
mightily. It was when I received Christ that I realized the meaning of going to
heaven. I need to make heaven; I don't want to perish in hell fire. As my level of
Christianity was increasing, I understood that the wealth of sinners is acquired for
the just. God opened my eyes to the book of Ecclesiastes 6, verses 1 & 2. Read
this scripture and you will understand that there are people in this world that God
gave the grace to acquire wealth yet God did not give them the grace to enjoy the

I happened to fall into the same category now it is the wish of God. When God
revealed to me to use my wealth to do his work, I understood that God was testing me
like He tested Abraham and other men of God. Abraham needed a child and God asked
him to use his only son for sacrifice, Abraham was faithful. He obeyed and God made
him father of many nations. After the death of my late husband and when I was told
about my illness I have to sell all our properties which amounted to about
$6.5million which I deposited with one Bank for safety purpose if anything happen to
me this funds will be impounded can you use this Funds for the kingdoms work and for
charity purpose.


Mrs. Landon Z. Ava