Thursday, May 11, 2017


419 scams

From: International Funds Recovery and Management Agency,
United Nation"AU CHAPTER" / FIU. UK

Dear Beneficiary,


Be inform therein that we have successfully recovered your long-awaiting
Inheritance Funds valued at USD$11.5Million Dollars which is presently under
our custody, we have traced these funds to you as there are no documents used
in moving these funds, but the transfer bears your name. We therefore, need
your confirmation that you have such funds. This will enable us redirect the
funds to you under the financial laws to your nominated account, you are
sincerely required to furnish us with the information as stated below:

1, Your Full Name
2, Your Country Of Residence
3, Your Permanent Home and Company address if any?
4, Your ID CARD
5, Your Age and Occupation
6, Your Direct Cell Phone

The above requested information is statutory relevant requirements for further
clarification such that truly you are the sole beneficiary of this Approved
Funds which has been appropriated in your name as the sole beneficiary/owner.
It is therefore pertinent that we expedite action on your payment file as soon
as you furnish us with the above information with indication to confirm to us
the best transfer option you want since we have three transfer options
available for speedy release of your Approved Inheritance Funds:

Payment Via Diplomatic " which will be carried out to your destination by an
International Diplomat"
Payment Via Bank to Bank Swift Transfer
Payment Via ATM CARD "whereby your funds will be loaded in an ATM CARD"

The above payment options are the best international method of effecting
payment to the Designated Beneficiary based on request: We will not fail to
intimate you that we have a limited time frame assigned to us to conclude this

Once again, We are sincerely poised to serve you most efficiently.


I await to hear from you

Dr. John Haggen.
Head of Investigations Financial Intelligence Unit
TEL/: ++4470254088459
landline +44 (0) 7024092573