Friday, May 26, 2017


419 scams

Welcome to Western Union and Ria Money Transfer Office

The International Monetary Fund Annual Compensation from USA. The International
Monetary Fund (IMF) is compensating some scam victims and your email address was
found in the scam victims list. This western union®office and Ria Money Transfer
Office has been mandated by the IMF to transfer your compensation to you via
western union®Money Transfer.and Ria Money Transfer Office

Please contact Western Union and Ria Money Transfer Office for your fund worth sum
of $4.800, 000.00 United State Dollar has been released and the transfer began
today through Western Union and Ria Money Transfer and amount which you will be
receiving each day is $5000.00 daily. we have send you first payment through western
union®Money Transfer today and next payment will deposited through Ria Money

So contact with all your Transfer details as you requested. such as Your Receivers
Name, Country, City, Telephone, Home Address

Have it in mind, there are some obligation in which you need to take Care of, you
are to pay for the Transfer Fee of your fund Of $4.800, 000.00 Million United State
Dollar and you are to pay the fee to FEDERAL MINISTRY OF JUSTICE (FMF) which will
cost you sum of $175 USD,

here is the information of you first payment but you can`t pick it up at any Western
Union now because of the needed amount of Transfer Fee

Sender's First Name: Marcel
Sender’s Last Name:Kimelman
MTCN: 8225648950
Test Question: IN GOD
Answer: We Trust

MTCN:# 8225648950 (Track the MTCN by visiting:::::::::

So you are highly advice to proceed to Western Union or Money Gram office near you
and send the sum of $175 which is for the Transfer Fee of your total fund, note that
the only thing holding us from releasing your first payment now is the amount being
needed for the Transfer Fee And you are to follow up with the instruction being
given to You and to enable you confirm your first payment today.

You are to use below information to send the needed amount of $175

Receiver Name ; Anthony Anaetu
Country ; Benin Republic
City ; Cotonou
Text Question ; In God
Text Answer ; We Trust
Amount ; $175
MTCN Number..........
Senders Name.........

Email back with the MTCN Number and Senders Name as soon as you send the needed fee
to enable us proceed with your transaction.

E-mail )
Tel.+229 990 80 288 Call or Text

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Mr. Mike oba Western Union and Ria Money Transfer Office Agent