Tuesday, April 11, 2017


419 scams

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This letter is written to you in order to change your life from today. I am
Rev.Dr.David Chukwu,the new director, international remittance department of this
Bank.My boss Mr Jacob M Ajekigbe, the MD/ CEO of this Bank is now on compulsory
leave and all power has been vested on me to make all international
payment.Furthermore due to allegations of corrupt practices against other Nigeria
Banks, the Federal Government of Nigeria has appointed this Bank to effect all
foreign overdue payment.

Be informed that the Federal Government have Approved the release of $10.5M which
has been in this Bank for many years UNCLAIMED. My boss in collaboration with the
Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) have refuse to tell you the truth on how
to claim your fund.This is because they have been using the interest accumulated
from your fund every year to enrich themselves without your knowledge. I want to
help you PULL OUT this fund to your Bank account today using the easiest and
quickest method which has not been known to you before. By this method a Domiciliary
Account will be opened for you in our Bank.

A domiciliary account is a secure account which we will open for you in our Bank and
Credit your payment of $10.5M for further credit into your
account.The essence of this Domiciliary account is to secure and protect your
payment from being diverted by fraudulent people or making payment to a foreign
account which do not belong to you.The greatest advantage is that you can instruct
us to credit your nominated account bit by bit with small amount thereby saving
yourself from the trouble of Financial Authority in your country who monitor large
transfer due to current trend of terrorism. Another beauty of the domiciliary
account is that you can retain the balance left in your account in our Bank and can
also instruct us to pay out money to any Bank of your choice in the world, or issue
you an ATM Card which you can use in any part of the world when on a business trip.

I hope you now understand the advantages of a Domiciliary account and why you need
this account to receive your payment of $10.5M now in our Bank....You are advice to
forward as a matter of urgency your full banking coordinate, direct telephone and
Fax number and your contact address as we have started the process of the account
for you. Call me on +234-9020330922 so that I will issue you a payment release code
which must be given to you personally on telephone strictly for security reason.
This code is very important and it is what you will use to confirm your payment.

Yours faithfully
Rev.Dr.David Chukwu
Office Tell: +234-9020330922