Sunday, April 9, 2017


419 scams

Dear, compliments of best the moment!
There is a viable investment that requires a reliable and trustworthy business minded individuals, It will yield a minimum 75% interest in return investment within 7 working days from date of investment.
I was the Purchase Officer of reputable USA based Animal Vaccines/Nutrients Manufacturing Company but was recently transferred to our London office.
I used to visit Jakarta City regularly to procure some pharmaceuticals herbal seeds in the domestic market on behalf of my Company. Recently i was promoted and assumed office as the new GM Operations therefore the Company can no longer send me to Indonesia because of my new position in the Company, and a new Purchase officer have been appointed in my place to visit Jakarta to source and procure the same pharmaceuticals herbal seeds in few weeks time. This herbal seeds is a major raw material used by the Company for production of animal vaccines and nutrition's.
The C.E.O. of the Company have instructed me to handover all the Cash Purchase Invoices and the contact information of our supplier in Indonesia to the new Purchase Officer, which i am yet to do as instructed because of my interest in the business which am going to explain below.
During my visits together with C.O.O to purchase the seeds before i was promoted, I use to work with one Mr. Wahongan as a middleman whom I present to the Company as the local farmer who cultivates the seeds because of the difference on the actual cost of the seeds from the original farmer and what i do quote for the company. Also i do not want any other staffs of the Company except me to have direct access to the original farmer who cultivate the seeds. After each successful transaction we do share the difference on the price sold to my Employer 60% to Mr. Wahongan and 40% for my humble self. Unfortunately Mr. Wahongan was involved in a fatal car accident in Serang city three months ago when he visited his family, he died at a spot. His demise prompted me to seek for another capable and credible individual who will cooperate with me and continue the lucrative business with my employer.
The pharmaceuticals herbal seeds in demand is farmed and sold in your region.
So I intend to present you as a farm owner (You will be a Middleman between my company and the farmer in your region). If you are willing to cooperate with me, I will send you the contact details of the director of our Procurement Department to send him an offer.
The business is lucrative without any risk; we will make 80-90% profit in any successful transaction between us and the company.
Do let me know if you are willing to take up this offer for our mutual benefits.
Waiting for your confirmation of Interest.
Best Regards,
Olga James