Thursday, April 27, 2017


419 scams

I am Mr. Paul Cole, Inspector General for International Finance of United States
Treasury Department. Be informed that your fund has been recalled back from
International Monetary Fund (IMF). This Recall was after the Court Order was issued
on your fund for confiscation of the fund. It was later dictated that there was
fraudulent attempt by some group of suspected fraudulent officials who was trying to
use court to divert your fund to another account. This recall is based on the
reformation going on in order of the Court. It was detected after reconciliation of
payment files which was directed by the High Court and International Monetary Fund
(IMF) of Directors and the United States Treasury Department after the financial
submitting which mandated US Treasury Department to

investigate all outstanding and approved payment which is presently pending with
International Monetary Fund (IMF) under the court order.

The fund was called back based on these findings, that upon thorough examination of
your department records. (to ascertain the genuineness of the chargeable claims),
and to determine whether or not the procedures of Inheritance were carried out in
conformity with the existing regulations, based on open tender policy, the
following discrepancies were duly discovered.

1. Your payment procedures were being handled in an unusual transaction
pattern, which gave the avenue for all these fallacies and also bogus promises which
is totally impossible in any part of the world and also to use it as a blackmail
means of extorting money from you. All these contributed to make it impossible for
you to receive your fund.

2. There was a large scale documentary pilferage, procedure diversions, (using
un-existing offshore payment exercise, documentary sub-versions, procedural
hijacking through fraudulent manipulations), all meant to divert your attention by
frustrating you out of patience for possible diversion of your payment to other
account. Based on that your fund has been recalled back by the order of the High
Court / United States Treasury Department Board of Directors for immediate
re-transfer to your account that will be provided by you, you are free to ask any
question where you do not understand. The Board of Directors of International
Monetary Fund (IMF) / United States Treasury Department has appoint Banque
Atlantique that will oversee and approve every payment that will be release to any
foreign beneficiary.

So you are advise urgently to contact Banque Atlantique whom your file has been
directed to for final verification and release to your account through their
corresponding Bank, your urgent contact to Banque Atlantique will be highly in your
favor based on the finding in your file and also an attempt by some fraudulent
officials to divert your fund. In your next reply the Banque Atlantique contact
will be forwarded to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Paul Cole

Inspector General United States Treasury Department.