Thursday, April 6, 2017


419 scams

Good day dear Sir/Madam,
This report is from Syria. I need your love and care to help and sympathize with the people in war zones, like Syria. I am one of the U.S Army under the rescue team heads helping victims in Syria war.It's gracious to put a smile on the face of one who has lost hope in life due to pain of loved ones gone because of war.

Please help me receive my box of money containing $14,386,000.00 USD which I retrieved in a security Vault in Aleppo city Syria where there was a bomb blast by the Assad led troops .%60 of the funds is for me and my assistant and 40% for you. Please reply quickly with your name, contact address and cell phone for the way forward to dispatch this funds and transfer to your account. FOR THERE IS NO RISK IN RECEIVING IT .
Yours Sergent Jane Fountain
U.S. Army .
Help International Rescue Team.