Thursday, November 10, 2016


419 scams

Customs services authority united states of America
Jf Kennedy international airport New York united states
Director office in charge. Dr.jerry Campbell
Phone:(415) 663-7212 call or text me

Attention beneficiary!!!!

This is to inform you about your package here that was confiscated by the
us custom office at jfk international airport, new York, united states.
Your package has been here for longtime due to your delay after your agent
arrived from Africa with a consignment box worth of $27,500,000.00 usd and
we are giving you 15 hours for you to get all your clearance paper works
out with the amount of $199.00 dollars only, we need it at this office
before this given hours runs out or your consignment box will be seized
again for the final diversion by government of usa here and you will lose
the consignment box,

Besides no consignment box leaves the international airport without our
needed ( customs clearance certificate ) which cost only $199.00 because
sometime ago now the diplomat have been emailing you to send us our
customs clearance certificate fees but you keep on delaying then we advice
again if you miss this wonderful opportunity that means it will be very
hard for you to get this consignment again,

Once again we need your anxious mail direct to this custom office before
this hours for your consignment to leave this airport to your location.

This is the only money you will pay nothing more! Nothing less!
You can direct the customs clearance certificate fees to BENIN REPUBLIC
head office as the origin of your consignment box and they will get it
obtain to enable the u.s custom release this diplomatic agent to your
destination. And they are entitled to receive any payment to foreign
countries and also noted that the require payment of $199.00 shall sent to
CHI SAM for security reason as the originator of your package so that they
can fax the document here at jf kennedy international airport New York

Receiver name..... CHI SAM
Location ......COTONOU BENIN
Test question....In God
Answer.....We Trust
Mtcn no#.....
Sender name:...

Your consignment box is here for longtime now due to your delay after the
diplomat agent arrives with the consignment box and we are to give you 1-2
business days? We need it at the office within 1-2 business days

Thank and god bless.
Best regards
Dr. jerry Campbell
Phone :(415) 663-7212) call or send a text message