Wednesday, April 20, 2016


419 scams

Dear Beneficiary,


After a just concluded meeting among the Presidential(s) of conglomerate banks and the Executive Directors Of World Bank Groupin conjunction with the European Union Board Of Directors, IMF, London and Paris Clubs, we wish to notify you that the sum of US$15,900,000.00, (Fifteen Million Nine Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) has been legally approved and vouchered in your name among other funds deposited few days ago with our Bank, Industrial Bank by the foreign debts settlement committee of the Executive Directors Of World Bank Group in conjunction with the European Union Board Of Directors, IMF, London and Paris Clubs that visited us recently and instructed us to credit this fund directly to your private bank account upon the verifications and revalidation as prescribed under the supervisory of the Advisory Board of the above monitoring global organizations currently sitting hereat our headquarters.

Following the above consultation and decision, your outstanding fund has been enlisted among other claims to be released immediately by our bank hence the availability of fund thereinat the External Debts Liquidation Grant (EDLG) Account Deposited with over $29 Billion (USD) for the purpose of immediate global debts liquidation including your above payment. Be informed therefore, that the above mentioned fund has placed on Hold at the S W I F T Telex Running System (STRS) in the above mentioned Account linked with our affiliate bank(s) and the Coded Swift Surfix (CSS) lodged under our stewardship.

This is as a result of several meetings held with above International Agencies on the payment of all overdue foreign debts to beneficiaries like yourself over the years. Our Undermentioned advisory board has been saddled with the responsibility of Credit Re-registration, Verification, Revalidation, Certification and ensure that all foreign beneficiaries approved funds are released within 48 hours as soon as the Credit Re-registration, Verification and Revalidation exercise are in place.

Accordingly, you are required as the beneficiary to contact the our concerned Supervisory Board immediately with the necessary reconfirmation of your details and data for the verification and validation as required such as:

1) Your full name and address.
2) Your age.
3) Your Phone, fax and mobile.
4) Company name and position.
5) Copy of Int'l Passport, Driver's License, or any valid ID card via e-mail as attachment.

Kindly get back to us by contacting the Head of the Payment Advisory Board below reconfirming your full information A N D do not forget to indicate this Credit Security Code: AIB/MTN-FX33-101PD assigned on/for your payment Identification in all your correspondence(s) concerning this payment to be rest assured that full attention will be given to beneficiaries towards immediate release of approved funds once the above are duly received.

Contact Person
Name- Henrietta Copeland

Thank you, God Bless America

Randy Jenson.
President and CEO
American Investment Bank N/A
200 E South Temple Salt Lake City UT 84111