Tuesday, April 5, 2016


419 scams

SUIT NO:IDS/HCJO/725/234/016.

Attention:Beneficiary/Contractor. 31/03/2016

This message is coming to you from the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN),Justice Mahmud Mohammed.
Sequel to a brief meeting held with the newly-sworn-in President and board directors of the Central Bank of Nigeria,I was made to understand that you have not yet receive your fund which was long ago instructed to deliver to you by the Federal Government of this country.However I want to inform you that the following persons are the problem behind your payment and you must have nothing to do with them or their agents who pretends they have fund for you.

The names are: Mr. Ben, MR.JOHN EZE,MR GODWIN EMEFIELE OF(C.B.N),CHIEF JOSEPH SANUSI, DR ABDULSALAM ABRAHIM, BARRISTER AWELE,Rev Tony,Sr Francisco De manuel,Desmond Iwu,Mr.Ernest Chukwudi Ebi,former Deputy Governor Policy/Board Member, Terence US ambassador,as well as FedEX,Speedways and dhl Diplomats and delivery Agents,in the person of Sebastine Adigwe,Barrister John Douglas Esq,Nelson,Robert Mark,Mr John Odeh, Nweke Peter,Usm4n B3ll0.Mr Chris,and Dr Jerry Leo,Mr Carl and Campbell of WU,including Henry Obiora,Patrick etc.

These people were reported as the cause of your payment delay and the matter is presently in the court here in Nigeria over stealing,forgery and embezzlement of beneficiaries fund.over twenty(20) of them were arrested last week and few were granted bail from Police Custody by Human right activist while some will be taking to court this week for prosecution and after that,those found guilty will be jailed for the illegal act towards your payment.Therefore you must discontinue further communication with any one here in Nigeria or Abroad not recommended to you by this honorable court as such communication is at your own risk.

However It has been resolved that all beneficiaries whose contracts/inheritance funds have not been paid should now have a cause to smile.In the meeting, it was concluded that the concerned beneficiaries should be paid their contracts/inheritance funds without them (beneficiaries) paying any charges before they can receive such funds.

As a result of this, no charges/fees shall be paid by any beneficiary concerned as all these will be deducted from the principal fund.In view of this, you are to forward all your account details for proper reconfirmation with the ones in our possession before the payment will be made to such a beneficiary.

So treat immediately after reading this mail to enable us get this done once and for all as the bank is waiting to credit your account as soon as you provide the required details.

For further details you can call me on my direct telephone line:+234-802-922-2264. Make sure you call me after reading this mail for more information.

Kindly treat this matter with utmost urgency as the court is here for you to make justice.

Expecting your prompt and urgent response to this subject matter.Reply through this Email: (justicemahmud_mohammed@yahoo.com)

Best Regard,

Justice Mahmud Mohammed(CJN).