Saturday, April 16, 2016


419 scams

Location, Marina Avenue,
01 BP 2012, Cotonou, Benin.

Attn Dear Right Beneficiary.

Welcome to the United States Of America Embassy Benin, This is Ambassador
Charles Coleman, U.S. Embassy in Benin. We write to notify you that U.S.
Embassy here in Benin has inter-vain in your case due your total sum of
$2.500, 000,00, /compensation Inheritance fund owning to you in Africa.

This mail is 100 % legit,we have deposited your atm card of $2.5million
usd today at the walmart Store department because this is new organisation
here in Benin Republic which people use to move money out of the
country,so i want you to join them to enjoy your time.

Contact the walmart office.
Director....Mr.Samuel Felix

We the embassy office are waiting for your update after you contact the
walmart office ok.

Director, U.S. Ambassador Benin Republic
Email/ Address ( )