Wednesday, February 17, 2016


419 scams

Attention: Beneficiary

Your fund payment has been credited into an ATM Card; and you are
invited to be here to collect it in person for some security mapped
out, title of ATM Card Inter-Switch ATM Card, powered by VISA Card
International,withdrawal limit is $2,000 per day.

Value in card, $1.5 MILLION USD only as part payment funds owned (One
Million Five Hundred Thousand, United State Dollars Only) you are free
to withdraw your funds at any ATM Machine Cash point all over the
world, for this new development stop any further dealing with
whosoever in regards to this payment for security reasons

Contact: Dr Chris Mba

And forward to him this information bellow:

1. Your full name
2. Full address
3. Telephone /mobile number

Yours Sincerely

Mr.Peter Jim.