Sunday, February 28, 2016


419 scams

I am Sani Hassan, a rebel leader here in Aleppo, Syria. I of and up my
 : second in command CAME across the some money That WAS parked in a the trunk
 box and the money is worth the over US $ 50million, in one's of President is
 Bashar al-Assad? S ally? S house and we have Moved the money out of the
 Europe zone to war through a Security Group is That WAS attached to the
 United Nations Peace Keeping Forces. Am looking for I of a trust worthy
 person That we CAN the keep the money with the above Said HIM or HER for safe
 keeping pending the when we are going to finish the fight in found here up my
 country Syria.

 The war does the If not end as with expected, Would you to help me to use some
 part to the money the buy food as with a Charity Organization and the send to Our
 Syrian Refugees in Turkey. That report the get for We Our ​​people in Turkey are
 Dying of hunger. Also daughter is the My and there condition is very bad.
 You will of HER to take to your country to 'continue' good education there the if
 Possible for you. The if the war But ends Quickly, we CAN the then use the
 money for a joint venture investment, whereby the will of I of offer you a good
 PERCENTAGE Helping me for the secure the fund.

 If you can be of a help kindly get back to me urgently. The if you And
 are not the ready for the assistance please and please do not the let the BE the this
 known to the world as with the this division may bring us for Among the Rebels.

 Up my writing is the If not please the try of too good to me and Understand the BE of
 kind assistance to us, I of Man am not English. I of love English But.
 Respond to the private up my Email:

 Sincerely Yours
 the Sani Hassan.
 Leader, the Free Syrian Army (the FSA),