Thursday, May 21, 2015


419 scams

I am Madame Bruno Edith economic Operator retired hospitalized in Europe
for health reasons. I suffer from heart disease and the result of some of
my medical tests did state that my days on earth are numbered, as I have in
my bank a sum of money of € 345,210 and a BMW car that my husband
my leash, I have no family or child who can benefit from this money. I was
advised by the Catholic Bishop and my guide spiritueld'en to inherit a
person I have to choose at random, who may make good use of these funds. Why
I contact you by email that day that I am being given in hospital to live
the rest of my days. So you are the beneficiary of € 345,210. I offer it
from my heart, I call just prayers in return that my soul rests in peace at
the last day
So please write to my lawyer assigned to the case:
May the God creator Lord of heaven and earth hears your prayers, Amen !!!