Wednesday, June 18, 2014


419 scams



This Message Is From The WESTERN UNION To The Owner Of This E-mail,
I Write To Inform You That We Have Already Sent You USD5000.00 Dollars
Through WESTERN UNION As We Have Been Given The Mandate To Transfer
Your Full Compensation Payment Total Sum Of US $1,300,000.00 Via
WESTERN UNION As Instructed By Our Government.

I Was Calling Your Telephone Number To Give You The Information
Through Phone But You Did Not Pick Up My Calls Throughout That
Yesterday Even This Morning. Now I Decided To Email You The MTCN And
Sender's Name So That You Will Pick Up This USD5000.00 To Enable Us
Send Another Today As You Know We Will Be Sending You Only USD5000.00
Per Daily.

Please Run To Western Union To Pick Up The USD5000.00 And Call Me
Back To Send You Another Payment Today,Direct Phone Line
Is:+229-986-803 REV DANIEL DIBOR ( Call
Or Email Me Once You Picked Up This USD5000.00. Here Is the WESTERN
UNION Information To Pick Up The Money:

Sender Name.... Frank Victor Grace
Text Question ..... Good?
Text Answer ..... News
MTCN 5972855308

Due to wide transfer loads Imposed by our Ex-Manager Cashier All which
made you not to receive your total fund of $1.3Million now to sign and
stamp your payment file You have to send us $65.00 to finish thisissue
of signing and stamp.

below is our receiver detail you will use to remit the fee via Money
Gram or Ria transfer:

Receiver Name :::::::: obinna chidozie
Country :::::::: Benin Republic
City :::::::: Cotonou
Text Question :::::::: Good?
Answer :::::::: News
Amount :::::::: $65.00::::::::
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
Sender's full name ::::::::
Sender's Address ::::::::
Direct Sender's phone number ::::::::

Besides, my dear, this is your opportunity to receive your fund and
after paying the fee your fund Shall Be Transferred to you Within
three hours today Being 15th June 2014 installment of $5,000.00 per day.

Purpose bear it in mind That after (3 DAYS) of not making this payment
Shall Be divert your fund into Government treasury in Accordance with
our constitution 1993/1994. We guarantee you That as soon as you send
this $65.00 you must start Receiving your fund through this Western
Union Department without any further Top delay and this is the only
fee You have to pay in this transaction as it was written down Already
by the Federal government of this country.

Yours Sincerely
REV DANIEL DIBOR Foreign Operation Manager