Tuesday, May 13, 2014


419 scams

Central Bank of the Benin (CBB)
Office Location: 1-2 Ecowas Avenue
Banjul, Benin.

Payment re-approved!!!

Dear Client,

Does it means that you are no more interested of making the claim of your outstanding fund US$5BILLION of yours which have successful channel
to transfer and reflect into your bank and up till this moment you have decided to remain silent after I have personally took an Oath for you to
secure this fund.

With all due respect, if you really know that you are no more interested of making this claim of your outstanding fund of yours;
kindly update me now to cancel this Transfer since your negative thought does not allow you to believe on the reality so send me a declaration
letter stated that you are no more interested of making the claim so that I will cancel the transfer. What makes you think that you
will not secure your fund and have Access of the fund as Beneficiary fund source origin ECOWAS and WORLD BANK wining donation payment, you should know
that I have made everything possible for you so kindly go now and send this Fee US$73 so that the Ownership Certificate will obtain to enable
the Transfer procurement payment slip submit to your bank authority &your country homeland securities for confirmation of the fund into your
bank account. Does it means that you are internationally want to delay this matter and it has been long that I made the announcement of release
of your fund which is ready to be with you so with all due respect I advice you to go now and send this Fee immediately without any delay and
update me because I want you to secure this fund as a agreed and signed by ECOWAS GOV. and WORLD BANK. Make sure that you scan the Attached Copy
of payment slip to me immediately

You are advice to send the US$73 by Western Union or money gram transfer as directed below and update with the Attached Copies of
payment Information for recorded as directed immediately and also get ready and I am at your Service because of your Funds transfer is READY
which you know that you have to appreciate the effort that Benin republic new present Government made for you to secure your fund with a
copy of Transfer payment Slip to you for Handover. With all due respect, please do not delay to send this fee Today because this is a last chance
and final conclusion. Kindly do your best now to send the Fee and update me immediately


Other details and Transfer procurement payment slip Sheet will be forwarded to your Bank Authority and your homeland securities as soon as
you send the Fee US$73 Today and update me with payment information satisfied that you will rejoice right

On behalf of this Democratic Government of United States of America (U.S.A), I apologize for any delay you might have encountered in
receiving your Fund in the past. By virtue of law, you have to go now and make the payment of the required Fee as directed below to enable the
Ownership Certificate obtain and issue in your Name of your Funds Transfer to be made immediately because this is the time and moment you
supposed to receiving of your donation funds as the wining Beneficiary.

I officially wait for the Attached Copy of Payment Transfer Slip Information Scan for Recorded of your Funds Transfer to be made

The above money should be sent via WESTERN UNION TRANSFER OR MONEY GRAM TRANSFER within 24 Hours in favor of the smooth confirmation of the
funds of your Funds into your Bank Account or your could be pay directly via bank bank check.

Receiver Name: Austine Uzoma
Address: Cotonou, Benin Republic
City Address: Cotonou
Test Question; Good
Test Answer: Time
Sender Name.....................?