Saturday, May 17, 2014


419 scams

Good Day

How are you doing???

I just want to tell you right now, that your loan is still very much
 Available for urgent transfer to you today, so you have update us, so
 that will can move to the Next step on this transfer, again the Bank
 is always calling me concerning the Transfer of this loan to you

 So please Keep me updated,..

 I am still waiting to hear from you today..

Mr Sean John

Jsem Ms.Anabel, vid l jsem váš e-mail dnes a stal se zájem o vás kontaktovat, mám n co d v rné se diskusí s vámi, tak prosím odpov zte p ímo na

Moje schránka,


I am Ms.Anabel,i saw your email today and became interested to contact you, I have something confidential to discus with you,so please reply direct to

My mailbox,