Thursday, May 1, 2014


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Subject: Western Union Money Transfer(SM) Confirmation
102 low street labodre Accra fastest way to transfer and receive
Money worldwide. Ghana.
Good Day, I Hope My email meet you in a great State. I am Mr. Kwesi Koffi from western union money transfer Present Remittance Department Manager Accra, Ghana.

I have a business proposal I want to do with you, I have these amount of money here in my bank western union escrow account here that is known to me alone the money was deposited by a late client and as it stand now it has no Beneficiary because the funds has been in our escrow account since 2005,and the Government of Ghana do cease funds that is in a suspending holding account after every five years, so the central Bank has issued us a letter to remit all funds pending in our escrow account and I do not want to expose this money, I want you to stand as the Beneficiary and assist me to do all the legal documentation so that I can transfer the $850,000.00 Eight Hundred fifty thousand United state Dollars via my office here through western union online bit by bit of $5,000.00 USD every day into four receivers name you will provide as soon as you possible. This is very urgent my friend.

Our head quarter in new York has instructed me to make the transfer to the beneficiary with the legal authority and power confirm on me as the Remittance Department Manager of western union head office Accra Ghana to release out all control information’s of the transfer funds to the beneficiary, so I want to front you as the beneficiary and we will share 50% 50 percent each, so please write back to me so that I can do what is necessary because you will not regret working with me, so give me your full time and cooperation so that we can achieve the project as soon as possible.
I need your personal details such as follow:
1) Your complete name
2) Your receiving address .
3) Your age and occupation
4) Passport copy or drivers license
5) four trusted receievrs name of your family and friend to aid you in receiving the funds and they will be compensated as well.

I am looking forward to hear from your co-operation in this commitment.

Mr. Kwesi Koffi.
{Remittance Department Manager western union money transfer Service Head