Saturday, May 10, 2014


419 scams

Dear Friend,

I know this email will surprise you. Please accept my offer for charity plans. I am Mrs. Al Kuzbari, a Syrian woman of 66 years. My late husband was a major consultant to Oil and Gas exploration companies. I am seriously suffering from the chemical gas attack that affected us in August last year in Damascus. My entire families died by that attack. My condition is hopeless to survive. Nobody to call for help. I writing you this email on my hospital bed waiting for my divine call. I want you to take over my funds for charity plans. Help Syrian refugees, motherless, less privileged and the widows in your country. I pray Allah to help us. I have One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Euros(1,800,000.00) in my family fixed deposit account with HSBC, London United Kingdom. I will offer you 15% for your commitment. My lawyer will direct and arrange the release of the funds to you. My lawyer contact is stated below.

Contact Information:

Contact person: Mr. Shahid Mustafayev

All Enquires should be directed to Shahid Mustafayev but always copy me for reference


Mrs. Najat Alkuzbari.