Friday, January 31, 2014


419 scams

Dearest One

i am Musa Mubarak, the only son of late Mohammed Mubarak from Syria. I am writing you in absolute confidence primarily to seek your assistance to receive my one trunk box of consignment which my father deposited for me long ago before he was killed by the Bashar al-Assad military men. My father was only asking for the justice of the people before his death, he was working with the Syrian Government. Before the death of my father he had already made arrangement for his family, my mother and myself to be evacuated to Ghana.

As a result of my fathers death, our only hope of survival. The untimely deaths caused my mother heart failure and other related complications of which she later died in the hospital after i have spent all the money i have with me. Now am alone in this strange country suffering without any care or help, With out any relation, now i am a refugee of United Nations here in Accra-Ghana. My only hope now is in the consignment box my father deposited in the security company to this effect, I humbly solicit your assistance in the followings ways to assist me claim the consignment from the company as co beneficiary. I want you to stand as my beneficiary so that the company will deliver my family treasure to you to make a good arrangement for a joint business investment on my behalf in your country and you the caretaker. To secure a college for me in your country to further my education. And to make arrangement for my travel with you to your country after you have received the trunk box of the consignment which contain family treasures.

we have two options to receive the box, if you are able to travel down to Ghana and meet the agent in charge to receive the box from them and ask them to help you move the box into your country or if you are not able to travel, the company they can deliver the box to you in your country.

I have the documents issued after deposit, which are in my care here in Ghana. please i will like you to assist me to make sure that i secure the trunk box as my foreign beneficiary. I will send all copy of the documents for better understanding. Please do send me your phone number for easy communication.

Your Sincerely
Musa Mubarak