Sunday, January 19, 2014


419 scams


Thank you so much for your response to me i am very happy to hear from you, like i told you before i contacted you with so much trust so that you can receive the money and then i will leave to meet you in your country please i will like you to promise me with all your heart that you will never do anything bad to me when you receive the money and that because it will benefit my children to face their future and that is why i will like you to help me invest the money in a good business due to the condition I am into now I do not have excess to telephone because my late husband brother keep me on room hostage and i will not like you to call me so that it will not bring any problems at all i will be on the net because i have net in the room and that is why I contacted you from here and ask you to pardon me so i will like all our communications to be on the net i have attached my passport and also the picture of my little daughter to you so that you can know
me better and i will also like you to send me your own picture with telephone and fax numbers so that i can send you all the documents that i collected from the security company when i deposited the box so that you will contact the director as my partner and ask the security company to bring the box to you there in your country because you are the only person that i told it is money immediately you receive the money there in your country then you send me some money to come and meet you with my children . i await your urgent response yours faithfully

Joylen treya