Sunday, July 22, 2012


419 scams


My Good Friend this is the President of Nigeria talking to you, how are you today, sorry for intruding into your privacy, please I just got your email through a worldwide business directory magazine that was served to me by a certain hotel in NY City when I attend a last fall UN Security Council Meeting held in NY, United States, and I just decided to know if the email address is still in use by the owner before I can go on with a confidential matter I will like us to work together in friendship, but for now we can be friends, also let me know if we can talk confidential matters here or if there is a private/personal email address you have apart from this and phone number as well which we can talk confidential issues, and if so can I have them all? please if you are willing contact me as soon as possible.


Dr. Goodluck
President Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Mobile Number: (00234) 8138834689
Office Number: (00234) 7642915

I sent the typical confused response and asked for some sort of proof and he answered with:

Dear Friend,

I acknowledged the receipt of your e-mail, and what proof do you require from me in order ascertain that it's me (Pres. Jonathan from Nigeria) talking to you? look my good friend I know you must be shocked or apparently doubtful of my status knowing that Mr. President would be reaching you through this manner or via the internet but I don't have any choice order than to reach you through the means of electronics mailing system because security is mostly important in the life of every public officer, especially when you are working hard to set example for others, convicting and jailing offenders caught in graft and that same people will be setting up craps and infiltrating into your Inner Circle in order to bring down your government, and that's the reason I am very careful in all my dealings both domestic and international, though presently I do not have any foreign dealings like my predecessors, but I am waiting for my time in order to make that a priority and my time has come and it's now, but if you want to make sure it’s me (Mr. President) talking to you then give me your passport or your photograph and I will print it out and hold it in my hand then ask someone to take me picture showing me forth holding and displaying your photograph or passport in the picture.

And there followed several scripted paragraphs of typical lad-speak, of course. I've never had anybody OFFER a trophy so soon, so all you fans of photos, feel free to put the good "President" to work!