Monday, July 9, 2012


Lotto scams

Dear Nokia winner,

We have contacted you in the past regarding your won prize, which your
number was emerged as one of the few lucky winning numbers after a
random search. We sent you a notification via sms in the past, and also
sent you email, and we did not heard from you. We have already issued
out a bank draft worth 250,000.00USD deposited with the AIR WAY CARGO
COURIER SERVICE. and we have paid for all insurance and vat charges
including delivery charges for the delivery, and already with the
courier company since 2 months ago, we have been sending you sms and
have not been getting response form you, Therefore, we decided to
contact you this last time and forward you the details of the courier
agent that will do the delivery, before forwarding the prize to
government treasury as unclaim prize. You are advise to contact the
delivery officer Mrs Katheline Dauglas for you to know when they will be
doing the delivery. Do contact the agent with the below details once


Do send the details to the courier company agent Mrs Katheline Dauglas,
for them to proceed with the delivery, and the only commitment,you are
to settle with them, is the security keeping fee of your parcel which
will not cost much as it has not been too long the parcel have been with
them,but i believe it will not be more than 250 pounds.

contact the officer Via email below and tell them to direct you on how
to pay the security keeping fee, for them to be able to do the
delivery, once they confirm the payment for the security keeping fee.

Mrs Katheline Dauglas

Have a wonderful day and congratulations once more.
Mr Tom Blues