Tuesday, April 17, 2012


419 scams

Dear Sir,

I am a senior staff working with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
here in Hong Kong, I need your assistance in repatriating the funds left
behind by a late customer/client that died with his entire family before
it is declared unserviceable. Respond for further clarification. Reach me
with your: {1}Full Names{2}Contact Address{3}Contact Telephone Number.

Best Regards,
Tai Ling

Job scams

Re: Representative Required‏

Chugai Inc.

To chugai@msn.com
From: Chugai Inc. (chugai987@wowway.com)
Sent: Tue 4/17/12 4:48 AM
To: chugai@msn.com

Chugai Group requires a Reliable individual as Payment agent in your Region. We hope you accept this Official Representative Request by sending the informations below;
Send Name...
Tel #...
Send Details.