Sunday, April 8, 2012


Job scams


Thank you for your reply and interest in a part-time position with TweekServ Inc.
 In the future please e-mail me at

The main strategic aim of our company is to provide quick, easy, efficient and secure ways for businesses to outsource services locally, nationally and globally, to maximize their competitive advantage and cost effectiveness.
 The goal of our company is to ensure both, the most reliable security level and simplicity of use and availability.
 We are happy to offer you the Payment Processing Agent position.

Here are the job Requirements:
 - 18 years of age or older;
 - internet access to promptly reply to emails;
 - availability by phone (1-2 hours a day);
 - a bank account to process payments

We welcome competent and reliable approach to work, responsibility and initiative in search of the most efficient ways of job implementation.
 Each Payment Processing Agent is provided with employment benefits after successful completion of probationary period (30 days).

The employment benefits include:
 - Stock options;
 - 401k;
 - Flex-Time;
 - Health & Dental;
 - Professional development programs

You will find detailed description of the job following the link:

We strongly recommend to read our FAQ:

Some important facts:
 1. You don't need to invest your own money to get started;
 2. This is not a sales position. While employed with us, you are guaranteed a Base Salary as well as commission per task processed;
 3. Each remittance will be accompanied by an invoice ensuring legality of transaction.

If you are interested in the offered vacancy or have any questions please contact us at
 We appreciate your time and sincerely hope to see you in TweekServ Inc team!

Best Regards,

Steven Brown
 TweekServ Inc

419 scams

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