Thursday, April 12, 2012


419 scams

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect I am Dr. Mark Leonard. working in SonanoLAB Pharmaceutical COMPANY  UNITED KINGDOM, a pharmaceutical company based in London, United Kingdom. I saw your brief contact on web directory during a comprehensive online search. Please accept my sincere apology, if I am interfering in your privacy.

My proposal to you is based on our company's urgent need to establish a mutual business relationship with a company or an individual in India, for regular supply of a particular product named (Satare solut seeds)which is available there in your country, India.. this will be a long term business relationship between you and our company. If you are interested please contact me through my private email address mentioned below: {} for more details.                                                                                     

On receipt of your positive response, I will furnish your detailed information.

Hope to hear from you soon


Dr. Mark Leonard